Email Marketing: 5 Examples of Effective Emails [+ video]


We’ve been slightly obsessed about email marketing lately. So we went on a quest of digging out the most click-worthy emails from our own inboxes and examined the tactics used by the clever marketers behind them.

  1. Stop them in their (scrolling) tracks with big, bold images. The human brain likes anything visual. Why else would Instagram be taking the world by its yet-unfiltered horns? The more captivating your image, the more chances to win the prospective client’s attention. Stick to some basic rules of thumb: a) use high-quality, enticing images; b) make sure you have the copyright to use these images; c) pick unique graphics that elevate your brand and you’ll emerge a winner.

    5 Elementary Lessons on Email Marketing
  2. Please be human. Do you regularly use cheeky language? So do your prospects! There’s nothing wrong in being funny; promise. No matter whether you go for a smile-inducing graphic or crank out some tongue-in-cheek copy, sticking out from the bunch of promotional emails should be your No1 goal. We love how Grammarly chose to highlight its own users (see below). Remember that your loyal customers can become your best salespeople. So, please, don’t lose the human touch when the conversation turns to email marketing; or as the old adage goes: “Laugh a little, sell a lot”. Um, or something like that?email marketing
  3. Create a journey, not a trap. You know what everyone hates? Spam. The line between staying in touch and flooding your customer’s inbox with rage-triggering content is incredibly thin. Many businesses get blinded by the desire to get more traffic, sales and returning customers, so they blast one email campaign after another – undermining the value of their brand and earning a spammer’s badge. Don’t go down that route. Entice your users to come back for more; give them a goal and help them reach it. Treat their inbox like your own and you’ll soon start seeing the benefits of being nice. Here’s an example from Headspace – they come carrying peace and good marketing
  4. Make it pretty…clickable. This email almost made us subscribe to the NY Times, instead of figuring out how to get 10 free articles on every device we own. Increasing your sales through email marketing can often be a difficult affair – no wonder why so many businesses choose quantity over quality! Treat each email like a new story: a) does it align with your overall branding strategy?; b) is your messaging clear? Remember, less is more; c) is the CTA pretty…clickable?; and d) Will this offer cause a “get out of here” kind of enthusiastic reaction from your customers? Cause it marketing
  5. Make it look AS good on mobile. Let’s face it, we all check our email when we’re on the go. And wouldn’t it be a shame if your email only looked pretty on a computer screen? You’d be losing, on average, at least 50% of your potential customers. Well, that’s a bummer, right? Many of the most popular email marketing tools have a “mobile view” function, so you always have the option to double-check whether your email is mobile optimized before you hit the Send button. Bare in mind that mobile screens are much smaller (what a surprise, huh?), so the key things to consider are: text size and images. Will they make as much of an impact on mobile users?email marketing

PPH Webinar video on Email Marketing

And here’s your bonus! Watch the recording of our recent webinar on improving the email click-through rates to get more pro tips and tricks.


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    Very helpful . Thank you

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  • Thiago Capanema

    Very nice post! I signed up recently for Grammarly and really liked the overall feeling and design of their emails. I had to hit the ‘unsubscribe’ button, however, because they crossed that thin line that you mention between staying in touch and flooding my inbox.

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