PPH Contest – Let’s Celebrate The Art Of Living!!!


Queen Elizabeth II will be celebrating her 90th birthday this year. Can you believe it? What a year! Her majesty’s life story must certainly be a captivating one, full of untold, unexplored tales and fascinating events, and we will probably never know anything of these.

We feel, though, that this is just the sort of narrative that can capture a person’s wild imagination.

The Queen of England is certainly one of the most iconic figures in the world today, and is a great inspiration to her many admirers around the world, but we’re positive you have at least one person in your own life who exudes the same kind of charm and allure as Her Majesty. Someone who has their own story to tell.

Or perhaps you are that person, with your own exciting story to tell.

One thing we know for sure – the story deserves to be told!

And so we have come up with an exciting contest for you and your imagination – a creative brief. And here it is: Life Story.

It’s as simple as that.

Tell us a story that matters to you, in whatever format you prefer. Make us laugh, cry, clap, or cheer for you. This is your chance to charm the world and be heard!

We are looking for something that could eventually make a terrific PeoplePerHour souvenir (and we’ll even feature your name on it!).  Would you like us to use elements of your story to create a unique post card?  Or maybe a cool poster, mug, notebook, or t-shirt? We’ll even buy a billboard to get your message across if we have to!

If you’d like to share your story with the world, have at it! Go wild! We want to see our inbox bursting at the seams with all your submissions!

Submissions will be accepted in the following formats:
*Design concept
*Written content
*3D artwork
*Product design
*any other format fitting this brief

All submissions must be received no later than 9 May 2016

Submit your work via email to community@peopleperhour.com with the subject line: Life Story Contest

Winner Selection:
Winners will be selected by PPH’s team with the following aspects being taken into consideration:

*Social Love: The amount of likes, shares, and comments your submission receives.
*Originality: Your creativity is your greatest asset.

All submitted artwork will be shared on the blog and via PPH social media channels.

1. Submitted work must fit the brief.
2. Every submission must include a brief explanation of how the submission fits the brief.
3. You must provide your full, real name, not a user name.
4. By submitting your work in any format, you grant PeoplePerHour worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual right and license to use, reproduce, distribute, store, transmit, broadcast, publish, publicly perform and publicly display the content, in whole or in part.
5. In order to be eligible for the prizes, you have to be a registered PeoplePerHour member.
6. You can submit more than one artwork.

We will select 3 first place winners and 3 runners-up.

3 first place winners will be awarded:
* £100 Amazon voucher
* 30 PPH credits
* We’ll turn your artwork into a physical product of our choice and mail you a copy.

3 runners-up will be awarded:
* £50 Amazon voucher
* 15 PPH credits
* We’ll turn your artwork into a physical product of our choice and mail you a copy.

Good luck! We look forward to seeing your stories!


  • Jason Bourne

    Price amount is less however idea is brilliant.

  • Muazzam Imtiaz

    Interesting idea for a contest, I’m sure we will get lots of motivational, emotional & worthy shares.


    Very nice.

  • Rahidul Islam

    Very very interesting Idea We should join this contest.

  • Pragya Upadhyay

    its very exiting ……m feeling lucky to be the part of it….

  • Yogesh

    really Interesting idea for a contest. but Price amount in Amazon voucher . it will be cash payment then it will be more interesting .

  • Sheryll

    I feel glad reading about the contest. I can use my writing skills here and share my ideas of my own. Thanks PPH.

  • Babu Sk


  • Owid Widiyanto

    Too broad for a contest. Make it more specific, or put more rewards!

  • Md Nurullah

    Nice contest…. I have wish to participate.. But i am little bit busy at this moment

  • Dehan Nathaniel

    Great idea…

  • Javed Iqbal Abbasi

    Great idea try to join contest

  • James Jackson

    Rule 4. No artist worth their salt would or should agree to that. All submissions belong to PPH your ip is no longer your own even if you don’t win. Really? Nice idea for a competition but why be greedy and claim all rights in perpetuity?

  • Biju Jacob

    Organised plan for a definite PURPOSE

  • Agni Shukla

    Beautiful idea. I will submit a video 🙂

  • Deepak

    I think PPH should come up with more ideas like this….
    Certainly a great move!

  • Bob Ross

    amount of likes? indian participant will definitely the winner, no thanks

  • Md Aminul Islam

    I am agree for participate.

  • Sam

    ‘By submitting your work in any format, you grant PeoplePerHour worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable, perpetual right and license to use, reproduce, distribute, store, transmit, broadcast, publish, publicly perform and publicly display the content, in whole or in part.’

    Ha. So you own everything and one lucky lucky boy or girl gets a gift voucher in exchange? Why not go the whole hog and pay them in ‘experience’ or ‘exposure’?

    Please, no one sign away their rights for the small chance of a gift voucher.

  • Juste Semetaite

    Hello, All!

    My name is Juste and I’ve recently joined the team @PeoplePerHour!

    I see that some of you have concerns regarding the copyright ownership. These are all fair comments, so I want to take a moment to explain why we included that rule.

    First of all, the author’s name will be featured on all physical products that/if we choose to produce. We won’t use these products for commercial purposes. In case this changes, we’ll get back in touch with the author and negotiate different terms.

    It’s likely we’ll publish some of the submitted artworks on other sites (always giving credit to the author); that’s why we wanted to avoid the time-consuming distribution approval processes.

    This contest is meant to be a fun exercise for the creative minds! We have no problems removing that rule if it would make you feel more comfortable submitting your artworks. Give me a shout! 🙂


  • Tulisanes

    This is a GREAT IDEA that i’ll give for free.

    The last season of X-Factor UK had 4 Filipina sisters audition for the contest, and their remarkable talents endeared them not only to the British public but to millions globally with the netizens of the internet. Up to now the lovable four sisters who call themselves 4TH IMPACT are still making waves in Britain long after X-Factor ended.


    In the above Youtube audition of theirs, that is gathering a record-breaking 47 million views and counting (only a few months after being uploaded) shows at 6:50 Simon Cowell asking 4th Impact why they chose X-Factor to compete in. After getting a reply that the sisters wanted to “to see” and audition in front of Simon Cowell, Simon pressed on byvasking what else. Then unexpectedly, the cute sisters replied, “WE WANTED TO SEE QUEEN ELIZABETH.”

    When the queen celebrates her 90th birthday this year, it will be a gem of a wonderful idea to invite 4th Impact to sing and perform on her birthday. You’ll never regret it and can only thank me for the idea in retrospect! 😉

    Please watch the short but entertaining video and you’ll understand better.

  • Rajani Tiwari

    is there a word limit for written content?

  • Juste Semetaite

    There’s no word limit, Rajani. Just keep it reasonable 😉

  • Ramya.S

    Waw! Started thinking…. but don’t know where to start from? Hmmm…. very excited. ….:)
    Fingers crossed. …:)

  • Aryan

    Wow great Going PPH.

  • Mohamed afzal

    We’ll done


    nice idea

  • Gaho Kachele

    Good idea!!

  • SarahJo

    I’d create something in honor of my cancer-surviving superman of a husband but i dont want my creation to be just given away to be used however PPH deems it can whether i win or not. Not worth it.

  • Mohab Hassan Othman

    The idea is brilliant , creative and I am interested but the amount of prize is quite low and the time line from 12 April to 9 may is not enough time to think , start and create a great work .

  • Md Mahmudar Rahman

    How nice a idea generate you generate ! Go ahead !

  • Tony

    It’s a good idea but where is the brief? Word count, font, style, margins etc?


    Hello I’m Mr. Ahmed craftsman sculptor and painter antiques, furniture designer and wood home making
    Thank you for this celebration a great idea

  • zulfiqar Ahmed

    Very very interesting Idea We should join this contest and inshallah win this contest.

  • Asesh Datta

    When was the last time you have done something for the first time?
    I find this initiative appropriately answer the above question. Let us do things for the first time everyday and every moment. Is that not an “Art of Living”?
    I think the greatest motivator for living is to have an “Insight for Innovation” all the time.
    “People Per Hour” this kind of “TO DO IS TO BE” attitude.
    Appreciate the effort. All is well.

  • Arthur

    It is more than the prize. It is the potential of positive energy.

  • shubelal

    Great idea

  • Mohsin Ahmed

    Great Idea!

  • Mohammad Sarfraz



    It is a great an interesting idea”s.

  • Paul Tatireta

    Spot on idea!

  • ishan

    instresting 🙂

  • ronnie johnson

    Great stuff will give the contest a short before the deadline

  • Chief Ken

    A great Idea. I love it. However, I think the reward is ridiculous. I guess what’s needed is not something too big in my imagination. I’ll be part of it anyway.

  • Atiq Ur Rehman

    I’m very interesting great idea i should join this contest.

  • sheikh shahbaz

    Saweet Idea.

  • Niwarinda James

    Getting my winning mojo on.

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