6 Step Blog Content Distribution Plan for Increased Social Media Traffic


As more marketers embrace social media and content marketing, traditional campaigns are on the decline. Companies have realised the power of Content Marketing and are increasingly focused on creating relevant, quality content.

However, these efforts are pointless if you do not have a solid content distribution plan. If nobody sees your blog posts, it doesn’t matter how good they are or how many you write in a day. Publishing content without a distribution strategy will not attract an audience.

Here is a 6 step Content Distribution Plan to drive social media traffic to your blog and increase readership.

Step 1: Share Blog Posts with your Email list

Email marketing is a great way to build audience growth and traffic. It is a widely accepted fact that email marketing is more effective at acquiring new customers than any social media platform. People who have shared their emails to be added to your list have consciously ignited a relationship with your brand. As subscribers receive email updates, they are often the first to engage with and share your content.

There are several ways to go about sharing your content via email. You can send weekly or quarterly newsletters with links to your blog posts. Another way is to send subscribers an update every time a new post is published.

There are a number of email automation tools available online such as MailChimp. Using these, you can send emails to chosen contacts and even set up automated campaigns.

Step 2: Use Visual Content to drive Engagement

Visual Content plays a significant role in driving engagement and clicks on social media. It is important to incorporate images, infographics, and videos into your social strategy. Infographics are easy to create, and there are over 100 websites where you can publish them.

Alternatively, you could get traffic is by repurposing your posts into videos. 100 million internet users watch videos online every day. Make sure to add relevant links at the end of the video to get people back to your website and share videos on platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

You can also draw thousands of visitors from sites such as Pinterest, by creating graphics of facts and quotes from your blog post.

Step 3: Share Your Posts on all Social Media Platforms

6 Step Blog Content Distribution Plan for Increased Social Media Traffic

You can use your social media accounts to promote your blog posts. Share links to your content on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Images and graphics work well on these sites, so make sure to share these. Keep in mind that each social media outlet has distinct strengths. So you will need to customise your content to suit the platform. Take a look at Social media services for business – a Factosocial 101 infographic to find out which social networks will suit your objectives.

Step 4: Tag Relevant Brands and People

To drive more traffic to your brand, reaching out to influencers and individuals you mention in your post is critical. This way, you are supporting their content and at the same time getting endorsements.

Tagging them in posts is mutually beneficial for both parties. By doing this, you are making your content visible to their audience which will bring in more traffic and potential customers. You can also collaborate with industry experts by asking them to write guest posts on your blog and offering to do the same. This will help you tap into a third-party audience.

Step 5: Track Engagement

It is a well-known fact that when you put up a new post, most social media action occurs in the first 48-72 hours. Monitoring engagement is vital during this period in order to track performance and drive traffic.

There are various analytics tools available online through which you can mine useful data. You will be able to see at what time your post performed best and how many people are clicking on the links shared on various social media platforms.

This will help you make changes to your post and posting schedule and increase traffic for future posts. By monitoring engagement, you can also check and regulate comments.

Step 6: Schedule Content at regular intervals

Your blog audience will grow as you increase your frequency and regularity of posting. Once you have an understanding of the data from your monitoring tool, you can schedule your posts to publish at ideal times.

6 Step Blog Content Distribution Plan for Increased Social Media Traffic

Tools such as Buffer are useful in scheduling your posts at optimal times when more people are likely to read them. Through this, you can also re-share older content. When more people read and enjoy your content, your social share numbers are likely to go up.


Creating useful, compelling content takes hard work and effort. It is important to remember that it takes as much work to get people to read it. There are certain strategies you can implement and tools you can use to increase traffic to your blog. By following a comprehensive content distribution plan like the one mentioned above, you can ensure that your posts reach a larger audience.


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6 Step Blog Content Distribution Plan for Increased Social Media Traffic
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    There’s a lot of bad content out there, so knowing your audience, brand, and the topic you’re writing about is imperative. Your content should be both actionable and informative, and entertaining doesn’t hurt either. But beyond the copy, your headlines are important as well. Drawing people in with imaginative and catchy titles on social media will make them want to read your blog. Most people decide whether they will click based on the title and description. That means on Twitter your entire chance of your blog getting read relies on 140-characters of greatness. Keywords in your titles also help the effectiveness of your optimization techniques.

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