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Hello PPHers!

Have you seen the new WorkStream? Of course you have! Some of you even posted congratulatory messages on our Facebook about this brilliant, ground-breaking improvement…

But just in case you missed it: after getting user requests from our community to improve on-site communication between Buyers and Sellers, we started working tirelessly to gather insight regarding the most important missing and existing features; what to improve, what to keep, and what to lose. Finally, without further ado, we are glad to introduce the new WorkStream® and Proposal management tools.

1. New WorkStream Inbox

New WorkStream Inbox

What you get:

  • Cleaner layout. You can better distinguish between project titles and messages and there is a link when you have to take an action to aid on-site navigation.  We also group Job Proposals separately which provides a more intuitive navigation.

  • Improved filters. You can now filter streams that are in discussion, work in progress, or completed (Buyers have the option to mark a stream as completed). We also have a filter called “Important” for WorkStreams that require action on your part.

  • Responsive design functionality. The new WorkStream is beautifully displayed on mobile devices.

  • Filter by project. One of the right-hand panel WorkStream filters.

  • Multiple actions. Apply changes to multiple items at the click of a button.


2. New Proposals Management Page

What you get:

  • One-stop Proposal management. A sparkling-new brilliant mobile-friendly page to manage all your incoming Proposals.

  • See all Proposals and Seller information (feedback, about) on the same page.

  • More intuitive ordering. Introducing filters that allow you to order from most recent to oldest Proposal or vice versa.

  • Keep things sorted. A new shortlisting feature (marking with a star) and option to hide Proposals that are not of interest.

  • Convenience. Preview Proposal attachments from your Proposal Management page.

New Proposal Management Page

Upcoming enhancements

  • Contacts Widgets: You can view all your previous work partners, filter relevant conversations, and start a new WorkStream at the click of a button.

  • View Sellers’ stats and portfolios directly from the Proposal Management page.

So yeah! That’s it for now, everyone! Keep the feedback coming on our Feature Request Forum so that we can keep ticking the boxes!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

The PPH Product Team

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  • Mark Beacom

    Pretty excited about this!

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