Announcing New, Highly Demanded Feature, Contests!


It is with great excitement that we announce the arrival of a new, highly demanded feature here on PeoplePerHour – Contests!

What are Contests and how do they work?

Usually our Buyers post a Job in order to find a Seller who can design their website. With Contests, we offer simple and transparent pricing and our Buyers are now able to see exactly what they’re getting before purchasing. Let our designer’s work do the talking, not their words.

Sellers, in turn, have the ability to participate in numerous Contests thus, increasing their chances to earn fast and easy money as well as to boost their CERT score! Who doesn’t want to boost their CERT score?!

How does it work for our Buyers?

Buyers, upon arriving on the landing page, can post a website design Contest in order to crowdsource ideas.

All they need to do is complete the Contest post form and pay the Contest fee in advance.

How does it work for our Sellers?

Contests will be listed in the Contest listings page of PPH and Sellers will be able to participate by submitting unlimited entries anonymously. The entry will be for 1 page of the Buyer’s website.

What do our Sellers win?

In each Contest, the best submission will be awarded with a Contest Prize of £300/$370/€335. Once a winner is selected (according to the Buyers preferences), they may continue to work with that winner on the entire website.

Whatsmore, the Sellers of the top 5 most rated entries will be rewarded by receiving a boost in their CERT score!

Benefits to our Buyers

The benefits for our Buyers are as follows:
Simple and transparent pricing
Numerous Sellers competing for your job
The ability to see what you’re getting before purchasing – let our designers’ work do the talking, not their words.

Benefits to our Sellers

The benefits for our Sellers are as follows:
Let your work speak for itself. Compete with others based on the quality of your work rather than words in a proposal. Show the buyer just how fantastic your work is!
Know exactly how much you will be paid if you win. No need to propose a cost and worry if you had been “out-bid”.

This feature has been implemented after receiving a number of requests from our community to create a Contests feature! So what are you waiting for? Check out our brand new Contest feature and let us know what you think!


  • Charly

    I think this is great but I think the ratings system is unfair. If you are participating and have submitted an entry, you should not be allowed to vote. Users are blatantly using this system to knock down their competitors which is bad game.

  • Matt

    Not impressed. I thought this was People Per Hour with a focus on individuality?

  • Chris

    Why are contests for web design only? What about other areas of design?

  • Zoe Vidigal

    Hopefully this will extend to all the areas of design. I think it will drive up standards as designers will put forward only truly good efforts and those who use generic logo packs etc (gives hard stare) will be weeded out. Those of us who are confident in our services and skills will enjoy this.

  • christopher

    I think this is great, but still the fact that the rating system is controlled and can be controlled by the contestants, which is not that great at all. I believe that should be improved.

  • Burim Ratkoceri

    I think I don’t understand how can a website be valued at a fixed price of 300 pounds. A website might have 2 pages or 50 pages, static or dynamic, back end powered and what not. When you later start working on it after you have won the contest and the buyer wants to add features to it but will not agree on your pricing of the same, what happens then?

  • Dee

    Are the contests guaranteed?

  • Darren Kent

    I have to agree with Charly, the voting system will be misused severely. Not to point fingers but I kind of know what’s going to happen before it does… those sneaky (and sometimes pesky) Indian freelancers will be creating multiple (if not hundreds) of accounts just so they can manipulate the voting system. If a voting system is going to be used then it should only be used by the “Buyer” of the contest; only they should be able to vote on a freelancers design – but then there is also the issue of Buyers not actually voting at all. People Per Hour should make voting from Buyers a mandatory thing.

  • Gemma Rowlands

    As I understand, CERT scores are competitive across all freelancers in all areas. Will boosts in the CERT scores of design contest winners mean that writers such as myself – who don’t have the opportunity for anything similar – fall lower down the list & can’t do anything about it? Sorry if I’ve misunderstood.

  • Polly P

    Let’s just be grateful they’re not suggesting the same nonsense for writers at this point…

  • Sky nur

    Its all most very important site. If you are participating and have submitted an entry, you should not be allowed to vote. Users are blatantly using this system to knock down their competitors which is bad game.

  • Simon Kohli

    What if the project requires more than £300’s worth of work? Some websites require more time and energy than others. Doesn’t seem like a professional way to work. Unless I’ve missed something?

  • More Fees Please

    So you charge £350 to post content and winner gets £300 (-24% fee)? Seems fair enough

  • Pedro Lima

    Again, PPH working for buyers rather than sellers. You seem to forget that sellers work hard to make sure you have a revenue in the first place. Why should I have to spend time working on a one pager with no guarantees that it will work?? I thought our portfolio should speak for itself without having to work for free. Also, what guarantees that buyer will not simply use my free work in any other project without paying me a penny??

    Please PPH, work for your sellers. Be fair in your rating system as Gemma well pointed out. I understand that needs to be a balance between sellers and buyers but also sellers need to be protected.

  • Emma Greenway

    I’m slightly confused on the pricing. The way everything reads sounds like you will be designing a full website for someone for a £300 contest prize. I know initially you’re designing a one pager but there doesn’t seem to be a suggestion of what happens after you win when it comes to payment …and i have read and re-read this to try and find something that suggests that’s not what this means.

  • Amanthi

    This is bad move for Workers. because lot of time wasting wen customer reject design one click. and its hard to earn

  • Jennifer

    Hmm. Do the buyers then HAVE to pick a winner, or can they just let the contest go stale and take someone’s idea without paying them? This seems to go directly against the “no asking for free samples” rule on PPH, too, which is reassuring because of the aforementioned risk.

  • d

    This just undermines the whole design industry.

    What you’re asking designers to do is to work for free! For them spend hours on a design without any promise of payment. The last time someone sent me a message asking for free design work their account was deleted as it was against the terms and conditions….

    “they may continue to work with that winner on the entire website.” Great ! So they can pick your design and have another cheaper designer rip it off if they want!

    There are already many existing competition websites which exist and are full of problems. The main one is companies simply post a brief to fish for ideas. This is done by posting a brief and getting all the ideas for free, they say they aren’t happy with the designs and ask for a refund meaning they get to see lots of different options for free. They have then seen all the layouts and can simply ask their own designer to steal someone else’s work. What do you have in place to stop this happening?

    The CERT score is another joke. Web design is a category many freelancers simply don’t do so their ratings are going to suffer because they can’t compete. There’s also a problem with the top 5 getting an increased Cert score. As it’s a public vote people can simply ask friends and family to vote or just make lots of fake accounts and vote for themselves while downvoting everyone else. CERT scores play a big part in people’s sales and people pay a lot of money to get featured near the top. If freelancers can now get to the top by simply asking friends to vote for them how does that prove they are skilled designers? I could post a terrible design, get friends to vote it up and possibly increase my Cert score from that? How is that adding any value to the site?

    I think you need to re-think this one.

  • Leon

    Have to agree with Jennifer, this is like giving out free samples.
    If I was a programmer, why would I try to compete on a contest? Making just a single page is a lot of work from my basic experience in coding (I’m a writer here, with little expertise in coding), especially considering that you have to come up with something interesting that will convince not only the potential customer, but also your competitors (well, as if anybody gave anybody any points …).

    What happens after the price being awarded is always questionable in my opinion(they might just run away with the result), but I believe none of the customers will ask for any sample below the value of 335€. The sample therefore must have a relatively high value. And apart from the winner, every contestant is putting in all their hard work for nothing but a few points?

  • Romen Kumar Mohanto

    Hi i romen. I wish there would be a good freelancer. I am working hard to keep my wish. Hopefully one day we will get good results.

  • Md Atikur Rahman

    I believe in ORIGINAL and QUALITY work Here to supply service without compromising service quality.I am highly dedicated professional free
    lancer.I am best with my work it’s my hobby, habit, passion& a dream to be a best freelancer always willing to work with the client until client’s need ..

  • Ali

    @Jennifer your right it is a contradiction. The contest is not guaranteed, and that is not written clearly anywhere on that particular contest page like most other contest sites(i had to find this information by going into client’s general terms and conditions). So people don’t know and they are submitting entries like i did (14 and i have no idea if any one won) .
    @Charly yes the public rating system is broken and people are purposely fake downgrading / upgrading entries. I think anyone would have know this will happen if you open anonymous public rating to everyone on the internet.

    It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a lot of website companies have or are going to post contests with awards for 400 USD … take their pick and get that recreated in 30 USD from someone else or internally. The text and images are dummy since that information is not shared by the client or usually added later. Furthermore the homepage is like 70% of the website it sets the style and theme.
    This is a poorly executed idea. I really don’t think I would have wasted 5-6 days making those entries if i knew before that the contest is privately not binding. It is worse than doing free work, this is making entire groups of people do free work unknowingly.

  • Marco Daniel Ferreira Carapito

    I agree with Chris’s comment. As a cartoon artist and graphic designer, I’d like to see some contests for other areas of design. It is very limited as of now with just web design as it’s sole content.

  • Zoe S.

    Either I’m still sleep-deprived after pulling an all-nighter for the election results on Thursday, or this looks like a deliberate shift to favouring web designers over every other freelancer (not to mention other unsavoury considerations like free samples, unfair skewing of results etc. etc.).

    Tell me how this isn’t going to fill TOP CERT with web designers and shove every other freelancer way the hell down the ratings. I’m with Gemma; this doesn’t look great for writers (or coders, or app builders, or data entry experts, or anyone else who offers any other service through PPH).

    Please explain how this is fair. I could be missing something, but I can’t see where.

  • Shekhar

    I firmly believe this will help freeloading and free work seekers a freehand to get their work done free of cost for sure

  • Laksh

    Well, guys, they have always been favoring designers if you observed carefully. The homepage itself glorifies web designing as if there is no other service is offered on pph or as if other sellers are of no value!!
    However, EVERYONE have to pay the big fat fee of 20%.

  • Mukund

    I don’t agree with contests in general. A big waste of time. This will become another 99designs or designcrowd platform. Happy to not having contests at all… if still you guys wanna do it, go ahead. You don’t have my support as it goes in the cloent favor totally with nothing in ours.

    Good luck PPH

  • roia

    I thought you respected freelancers ,
    unfair people will steal freelancers time and ideas.

    please think again.


  • Howard Lucas

    What a brilliant, original idea. You know, I remember the time when graphic design was taken seriously.

  • Zara Neja

    Why are contests for web design only? What about other areas of design?
    I prefer it will be about architectural and interior design


  • Sarah Olney Ross

    So PPH is moving towards a visual/design bias in terms of only visual based service providers can have an opportunity to boost their cert scores through contests? Where does that leave the rest of us whose work is not visually based? It’s not a level playing field on the scoring system.

  • Diana

    Is People Per Hour shifting towards the ‘spec work’ business model? Or am I missing something? I feel slightly disappointed by this! I think submitting design samples with only the promise of being paid might be good for junior designers/ freelancers who want to get a bit of experience but otherwise the whole thing is just contributing to an existing problem. How is design/ or any other profession going to be truly valued if we are willing to work for free? Again…I might be missing something so feel free to contradict me.


  • Kate Blank

    This appears to be a bunch of people doing the work upfront and then a seller choosing one “winner” – leaving most people unpaid for the work they did.

  • Joseph S


    “Jennifer wrote:

    Hmm. Do the buyers then HAVE to pick a winner, or can they just let the contest go stale and take someone’s idea without paying them? This seems to go directly against the “no asking for free samples” rule on PPH, too, which *isn’t* reassuring because of the aforementioned risk.”

    I’d also like to add no seasoned professional is going to sit down and put hours/days of work into a design that statistically has more chance of losing than winning them a reward. This means everyone involved, but most importantly the buyer and PPH, is going to get a lot of terrible designs by amateurs that are unusable and cheapen the reputation of PPH and a bunch of irate professional designers who feel like they’ve wasted their time essentially working for free.

    And exactly what problem is this trying to solve? As a prospective buyer I’m not prepared to hand over hundreds of pounds for a jpeg. Even the contest format cheapens the concept of web design, ignoring all the in-depth conversations I need to have with a designer to explain what I want to accomplish, who my customers are, etc., and for him/her to make suggestions and corrections.

    I first joined this site approx. 6-7 years ago but I haven’t been active in approx. 2-3 years precisely because every new announcement and “upgrade” reminds me that PPH favours quantity over quality.

  • María Isabel

    It would be great if you include contests for other type of jobs: like naming or taglines. Not only designs.

  • Jason

    Isn’t there a website doin99 this already?

  • Disgruntled freelancer

    I think it’s complete bs. This isn’t a “great” thing at all. Like others have mentioned above even if it was opened to other areas of design this still opens up an additional excuse for the people posting their jobs/comp. To only pay pittance for a job, half of the buyers already take the piss with their budgets and they never get told off by your so called support ninjas so instead us professional designers get put in 2nd place by some student who only charges £5 ph . This site used to be good but it’s got gradually worse as far as I can see.

  • Stu Firth

    I found out about this new ‘Competition Feature’ in a newsletter from Kelly at PPH, so I’m going to address the reply to her but it applies to all of the hard working employees at PPH.

    Hi Kelly,

    How would you feel about your own employment and means of bringing in an income reduced to a competition. Lets just imagine if PPH were to bring in another half dozen people as equally qualified as yourself, and for you all to work hard and then at the end of the day your boss decides who has done the best job and that person then gets paid. But its OK because the following day there is a new competition, so plenty of opportunity to try and earn a living.

    This is Spec work by a different name. What happened to the ‘No Free Samples Rule’. I used to think PPH was one of the more reputable freelancing sites – no longer.


  • Danielle

    Why on earth would you want to enter this? you MIGHT win if you are lucky (if the buyer doesn’t just take your ideas elsewhere..) otherwise you run the risk of ruining your ranking on PPH and also working for free? No thanks – if a buyer isn’t going to work with me based on my proposal/portfolio/a chat then I don’t want to work with them… Might work for students/graduates who want to build up a portfolio and have the time, but I’m running a business.

    I can see this might have been ‘highly demanded’ but buyers (I mean they are getting free ideas aren’t they? … and what’s this ‘money back guarantee – so if they don’t like anything you have ALL worked for nothing!!! ) I can’t see how this benefits the sellers that are working from here on a regular basis (ie: those that you are making most money from?)

  • Martin Ward

    We work very hard to get the work in the door and now you’re asking us to produce designs for FREE with no guarantee of payment at the end. Smacks of slave labour!! My clients on PPH get a very good idea of what Im capable of my viewing my excellent portfolio.
    So I could produce 5 different designs that take all week with no guarantee of any cash at the end of it all? You shouldn’t be promoting this sort of approach and its all extremely disheartening and depressing and I worry where PPH are heading with this sort of approach.

  • Macs

    Hope there are contest for other categories too, like game development.

  • Martin Ward

    VERT IMPORTANT – How do you stop a design being stolen from us?

    How do YOU protect your freelancers?

  • Ian

    So it is work for free with no guarantee, maybe you should not have linked to the page.
    “No commitment
    to accept any submissions”

  • Roger

    Just joining the chorus: this is a terrible idea, for all the reasons mentioned above.

  • Matt

    I’m supportive of the principle of People Per Hour – connecting people who need a task completing and people who are capable of completing that task. However, the relationship and balance has to be fair. I was not particularly impressed with the number of buyers posting jobs with little-to-no detail, yet they expect a seller to be able to quote a fixed price and stick to it. These contests have gone one step further. So now 10 sellers will do the job, but only 1 will get paid for it as the winner of the contest. What happens to the other 9, and who owns the work they submitted – the buyer who didn’t pay of it? The balance seems to be shifting to the buyers (being the party that brings the money to the table). Please don’t let PPH turn in to another Fiver or Upwork where the majority of jobs are won by sellers who can offer bargain basement prices.

    As a UK-based freelancer I hoped PPH would be a platform that allowed me to fill holes in my week with work, that brought in money in the short term, while I was working on longer term projects. What I have increasingly found is buyers posting a job looking for a product designer are inundated with a huge variety of proposals from potential sellers from an array of backgrounds including architecture, graphics, and media. They all have the right to submit their proposal if they believe they can complete the job, but this inundation makes it very difficult for the buyer to select the best candidate. I’m honest enough to accept that I’m not always the best candidate for the particular job, so I don’t take being unsuccessful personally.

    So I can see how these contests can aid in this selection process, however I’m not sure it’s still entirely fair on the sellers. It is an issue that has many similarities with the “should pitching be free” debate that has been going on in the design industry for many years. I think PPH has a responsibility to do whats best for its customers, however I think the sellers need to be regarded as customers as the cut that PPH receive from each job is a deduction from the money the seller receives rather than an addition to the amount the buyer pays.

  • glenn cavill

    Take this contest idea away. It is totally against PPH and the way people should do business. PPH states in it’s T&C’s not to undertake free/sample work which this contest idea totally promotes.
    Let your portfolio and client reviews provide assurance to buyers. Freelancers do not have the time to provide high quality free work for contests and they should not be asked to.
    Take this contest idea away!

  • Merilin Tod

    This is the approach of 99designs – really not a good idea. Work for free, no guaranteed feedback or money. Why?

  • Richard

    Unpaid pitching is very damaging to the creative industries, it undermines the value professionals provide whilst simultaneously overwhelming the client. I suspect no self-respecting, seasoned professional will get involved in these competitions, which will restrict the talent available to the client. The inevitable outcome being a pool of uncommercial clients lead by rank amateur creatives. Such a destructive decision.

  • Nicolas Schwabach

    Free pitching is a bad idea which the creative sector has been trying to stamp out for years.

  • Mabelle

    Joseph S. wrote his sentiments so well. EXACTLY how I feel on the subject. Thank you.

    “And exactly what problem is this trying to solve? As a prospective buyer I’m not prepared to hand over hundreds of pounds for a jpeg. Even the contest format cheapens the concept of web design, ignoring all the in-depth conversations I need to have with a designer to explain what I want to accomplish, who my customers are, etc., and for him/her to make suggestions and corrections.”

  • Kate Waller

    I have to agree with the others that this is a bad idea, cheapens the web design skill and the voting system will 100% be abused. PPH, we all suggest a rethink. Please listen to us.

  • Rabihat khan

    What I experienced from this site…….. That is ridiculous…….

    One week ago…. I heard from youTube that this site is amazing…… For earning money at home……

    After that… I Hurriely rushed to google and search…..

    I joined this site as simple as any one can join facebook…..

    But after that……..i want to apply for job

    They said… My profile is ready to sell things….. But then I go for job…. Again they want every process again….

    And at last no job for you……..

    This website is a fake website…..

    For Jst kidding with people’s feelings…..

  • joe d

    Two words: Spec work.
    Don’t you think a lot of the buyers on PPH already treat us freelancers as 2p per hour mugs without inviting slavery too?!

  • Anay

    I am no website designer, and I hope this does not get applied to what I do! From a designer’s perspective, I do see quite a few weak points in this. Most important one is (as few of us remarked earlier) it is like giving ‘free ideas’!!! Guys, ‘ideas’ is one very important thing! It is the seed from where all starts up. We cannot, better should not, share that for free.
    Voting system- Yes, it can very well be played with.

    PPH is already making, have already made few, not that good decisions.

  • Steven Bradshaw

    As a seller I don’t like this idea. It’s exploits freelancers into working for free. It’ll be popular with buyers because they get lots of ideas for free and can compare lots of bespoke work tailored to their brief. Only one can win, or perhaps none. Buyers may pay the initial fee for lots of ideas and then take them to their own developer outside of PPH.

    Other websites offer the same contest format and it may be good in some circumstances. But introducing it to, what I thought, was a respectable and professional freelancer community isn’t a good idea.

  • Paul

    This is real ‘race to the bottom’ stuff. Constantly devaluing the hard work of people. I hope this nonsense doesn’t ever appear for copywriters.

  • Ash

    I guess you had a “No asking for free samples” rule!
    Sorry PPH I’m not gonna work for FREE!
    There are other platforms for this.
    I’d rather give a refund to my lovely unsatisfied client but no free ideas!
    How on earth a website design can go with fixed contest price?
    What if they ask for an additional “tiny simple” feature which will cost me $200 or going to take a month to build?
    I’ve done lots of project here that started with $300 & ended up with $2500!
    I’m pretty sure other developers have this experience as well.
    Even if you decide to keep this weird idea, Please don’t ruin the CERT system again.
    There are other people work here as a writer, VA, Marketers & so on! Have mercy on them.

  • Sabrina

    So, it seems most people are complaining about this new idea. I really hate the way lots of sites de-value work because of all the under-bidding, but I don’t think this does it.

    I believe the buyer has to pay £350 up front to submit a contest, right? Therefore, they are guaranteed to pay for the work. OK, yes, we don’t all get paid, but it is a competition.
    I also believe we get paid £300 just for that one page. Then, we get extra depending on how much we say the rest of the site should be priced at. So, that solves the questions about whether it is 2 pages or 50 pages, as someone mentioned… just bid accordingly.

    It actually seems like quite amazing value to get £300 for one-page of designing, so it seems like it’s worth the risk if you think you are good at what you do.

    The rating thing is definitely flawed though – people are deliberately voting others’ down. Why don’t the buyers just pick the one they want? Why have a voting system at all?

    What would be nice, is if the winner’s design is showcased! This would show the other designers what they need to keep up with. It will also help showcase that winner. I think this is a nice idea all round.

    It is surprising so many people are so negative about this new venture, and it seems people haven’t even researched the rules.

    I think a massive pro with this is that it stops people outsourcing work, as many people on here do. If they cannot design their own work, then they won’t bother making the effort.

    However, I also think that the criteria should be more strict – ensure that the designs are really being designed properly using PSDs, and are custom. I think many are just submitting templates and the buyers have no idea.

  • M J

    This is terrible for the workers. PPH is already riddled with people trying to get free work from us and now the go ahead and do this? It’s clear that PPH is trying to cash in on less experienced workers because they know that there is enough students, amateurs, and people trying to ‘break in’ to the industry so they can abuse peoples talent like this. This website is completely anti-professional, in a time where the industry is trying to move away from spec work they create a new system that devalues the individuals work in the same of someone in middle management saving a few bucks.

    Imagine if I was needing a new plumbing system in my house and I rounded up all the local plumbers, got them ALL to install systems into my house and said ‘only one of you gets the privilege of working for me’ at the end of this. It would never fly, this system is completely against those who have financial responsibilities and who regularly work professional.

    You are literally asking MOST of the people who keep your website and business alive to work for free. With each competition there will always be more people that worked for free than got paid.

    And to anyone that says something like ‘if you don’t like it, don’t compete’, you are neglecting to acknowledge the fact that this incentivizes businesses to take advantage of workers who are trying to make a living. By having a base standard price and the option to have multiple people work for you with no additional cost you are removing their desire to have traditional contracts.

    It’s not simply a matter of ‘if your work is good you will get paid’ because even if you had the best 50 designers in the world compete and produce the 50 best designs in the world for the competition, only one gets paid and 49 of the best designers worked for nothing at all.

    You are taking advantage of people who are fighting to survive. It’s disgusting.

  • Sarah Coryell

    Sounds all too much like the ridiculous contests and crud going on at the other freelance site I’m sure we all know about that has the little origami bird as their icon- their contests are utter crud and these are too. it is no way ANY freelance seller should work- EVER!

  • Darren Chamberlain

    I find this to be just disgusting. Not just will we be incapable of truly creating something good. This will be manipulated heavily and for some poor sod’s will result in days of unpaid work. This is truly disgusting.

    0 hour contracts for freelancers thats what this is

  • Bharthi


    I can see a trend after loads of freelancer review about this feature PPH asking one of its volunteers to post one flimsy positive review and obviously with one fake photo photo-shopped! I did notice quite a few freelancer blamed Indians for free work approach see I know there is some rogue individual or companies with no self respect who does free work for no sense I know some people do work to prove to their spouses that they are busy, however am not I never ever done a work for free but yes some clients first asked for free samples and get away with that at-least 6 times , they are all UK and US based citizens some are Latin-American and some nonresidential Indians too, I feel the same pain like any other, free work means slavery, and now a days most job posted remain open for months without any body hired and believe me some UK citizens with off shore hub in Philippines are bidding the lowest and not Indians!

    It does not and never ever make sense to do any work participate in everyday contest for free! and I guess if the founders of PPH and or the support ninjas are asked to work for free every day or like other freelancer had said, to let all 12 support work instead of 3 and then decide who worked the best will get reward, thus sooner or later enthusiasm will go and people will not participate then these free work seekers will complain and leave but by then no quality freelancer will be there with back to back commission and VAT charges even on no UK freelancer am sure PPH will be in right direction another freelancer site filed bankruptcy! BEST Regards!

  • Adele

    I’m only a buyer on here but this seems ridiculously unfair on sellers. I’ve seen this type of attitude on other platforms such as Amazon and Ebay, where the buyers are untouchable. PPH seems to be missing the point that without the hardwork of the sellers, their business model collapses. Why make enemies of the people who are earning you the money?

    As a buyer, I know what I want and come on PPH ready to pay a fair price for work I want done. With careful selection, I’ve never been let down. I can easily tell who are using templates or churning out the same designs over and over. I don’t need to run a competition to get work done.

  • Vardan Chubukhchyan

    You can try for a trial period, for example, half a year and understand it is necessary to continue or stop

    Good luck

  • Vanessa

    Why should we work for free?

  • Adrian Hewitt

    Get a grip, PPH. Both buyers and sellers are getting sick of high charges and now ridiculous compeitions. Maybe it’s through desperation, as you’re sinking, but this is not the best way to plug the holes.

    You need to look at your structure. Not just your outrageous commission charges, but moderate the work offered. At the moment it seems that you’re squeezing every penny out of everyone until the ship sinks, which I believe it will.

    I used to use up all of my credits each month, but now it’s rare for me to use up three or more. Such a shame, this used to be a great platform.

  • LOL no

    It’s a dumbass idea, no self-respecting freelancer will work for free to “win” a BS competition for internet points and maybe some chump change.

  • Amanthi

    Rating system is very unfair.

    you need to disable rating option for entries. also need to disable viewing others design.

    with out that options very useless for designers

  • akbar hossain

    This is a nice IDA. I am really happy to seen this . Thanks Admin.

  • Irvin

    They have clearly mentioned that buyer will only 1 of website.

    ” The entry will be for 1 page of the Buyer’s website. ”

    Seems like a good idea. Thanks PPH

  • Don't Fall For It

    So, spec work, then. Nice. Glad I saw this before signing up as a freelancer. I’m sure it was “highly demanded” – scammers are always demanding new suckers, so accommodating of you to provide them.

    Even if copywriting isn’t affected (yet), I don’t want to do business with any company sponsoring this. This idea is a dumpster fire. I will be telling my colleagues to take their business elsewhere.

  • Marios Antonoudiou

    Terrible idea for all the reasons mentioned above. I feel sorry for PPH to make such a move.

  • Robyn

    Stop milking the designers. Start respecting creativity. We don’t have unlimited time and a if we had a trust fund we wouldn’t be here.

  • Rizbit UK

    great idea

  • Riyasat Mahmood

    Its good but in PPH it’s really hard to get the first job. I think who would take a contest, he should get a positive feedback from buyer. and PPH team should give him a badge in his profile.

    Thx in advance.

  • Vivienne Neale

    Looking at the passionate responses here I think PPH needs to revise this feature. I am a writer, in the main, and there’s no way I’d be pitching and wasting time writing something that buyers could then use for nothing. I think this is a retrograde step and I’m totally unimpressed. Once again buyers are prioritised over sellers. Not ideal.

  • Mel

    This is even further undervaluing freelancers on PPH. It’s is a terrible idea. Looking at some of the submissions, I can see many of them aren’t even original designs, just plagiarised screen grabs with a few elements ‘tweaked’. And other contestants are deliberately voting down other submissions? It’s just a ‘race to the bottom’ to be honest.

    Though if you’re looking to incentivise buyers to view freelancers as nothing but mugs for hire who will work for tuppence, or work for FREE, then this is a great move. I really hope you’re not making this a permanent thing, or you’ll just end up being another freelance site that I won’t name.

  • Assaduzzaman Mondal

    It’s a good idea from PPH.Thanks a lot, PPH team.

  • Samantha

    Was thinking about trying to peruse PPH for work, again – forget it. I shudder to think about how you’ll begin treating freelancers in the future if you’re creating an entire platform to cater to job posters who want to sucker people into working for free with the hopes that they’ll snag the winning spot out of everyone. Upwork has its issues, but at least they aren’t asking for me to devalue myself even further by begging for scraps like this.

    As for letting our work speak for itself – that’s the entire point of a portfolio! Why else would we spend so much time honing and perfecting it?? Please. Stop offending us by pretending that you’re in favor of freelancers over job posters. For the foreseeable future, I’ll continue to vehemently warn freelancers against this site and nudge them towards Upwork.

  • winston obare obwocha

    ready to work

  • VeteranTrumpist

    YAY more chances for free work, it’s what I’ve been waiting for! I became a designer so I can starve and work for free so I’m very glad for PPH’s efforts to provide us with low end clients, free jobs and opportunities to pay them for every little thing on top of the ridiculous service fee. I’m glad I left this boat when it started to sink, and after years it seems like it did not reach the bottom just yet. Anyway, take your free credits ( when you’re desperate and have no real work ) and your clients ( if you magically find a decent one ) outside and let PPH rot in the hole they’re digging for themselves.

  • Carol Worthington-Levy

    Am i the only one here who sees a web design as an important piece of the entire branding and strategy?

    So, you’ll have to tell me how someone could design a website that would be perfect for someone’s business, if it does not reflect in its visual content and the nature of its links, etc., what the business is and what it can do for customers/viewers.

    To my way of thinking, the only way to get an effective (solid branded) effort is to design to suit the audience, not to suit graphic designers. The other approach — design before function — is just ridiculous and shallow.

    I mean, if you;’re going to do that, you may as well just purchase a $30 template from WordPress for a one-time use and plug in your branding and call it a day.

    This is just a busy-work exercise. I see lots of useless decorative graphic design out there already and it does not attract or retain customers. Customers want content, both in writing and visuals and even in how a website functions.

    That’s my two cents. If i offended any graphic designer out there who believes their visual concepts are more important than creating effective commuication with customers/viewers/prospects, oh, well.

  • Stephen Reeves

    Great! Worst feature ever. I like PPH for the fact we get work on our proposals, portfolio and ratings. Now this is going to be a case of doing work for free and hoping the buyer picks us.

    Cheers PPH for coping all the other sites.

  • Danil Asamra

    I hope will help you in facing the problem pemrogaram PHP, android, mikrotik, arduino unu, I hope to help anada all

  • Waqas

    So PPH wants designer to spend hours and get nothing if they fail the contest. No thank you PPH. This clearly reflects PPH value less to designers/ developer.

  • Rj Joti


  • Subir Nokrek

    Happy To Join People Per Hour! Your Belief and my sincerity will make our business relationship greater. Eagerly waiting to start work on People per Hour! I’m new but I’ve adequate experience in Graphics Design and Web Design. Happy Day!

  • John

    PeoplerPerHour benefit from my services to the tune of three or four figures a year.

    I am inclined to stop using the platform if this is the direction you are heading in.

    This is a race to the bottom – right now, PPH is distinguished from things like ODesk because it is slightly more upmarket. Don’t throw that way and become another site full of muppet freelancers with things like this.

    Terrible concept. Not impressed.

    I do stay on PPH somewhat out of loyalty as I do get work from other sources – so don’t think you can just walk all over me and other freelancers and make us play by your rules.

  • David R

    The usual PPH rubbish I see. Huge demand but never a mention of it before and absolutly no forum in which anyone could have demanded it. Rules say buyers can’t ask for free sample, then PPH offer an award for everyone producing free samples.
    Come on PPH, you are either a serious work platform or a game show..which is it?

  • David R

    Erm just one other thing I don’t understand…

    The buyer pays you £350, we do the work and you keep £50. It sounds as if its not then the buyer who decides the winner but the voters – and the votes will be rigged – so what does the buyer got for his £350 if he doesnt like the submission selected?

    Does he get his £350 back? – I bet he doesn’t!

    And how will the buyer know that the winner can even impliment all the coded features he might want if all he sees is a single page? You can’t exactly combine a database backend, a user forum, a landing page and a news feed into one page can you! So that leaves the client with potentially a designer he didnt like AND needing to hire another coder to do the rest of the website..doh!

  • Tom B

    Seems OK for the buyer, not so good for the seller – great for PPH. As both buyer and seller I paradoxically welcome and am concerned by it.

    I hate this idea as a seller. I think many sellers will end up wasting their time and money. I think the voting system really needs to be thought about as many people have said it is open to abuse (especially by syndicates of PPHers).

    I also think you really will get the best design out of it if you are a buyer without making the mistake of hiring someone unsuitable based on previous work. People complaining about the fact “you can’t design a whole site plus back end for £300… Read it all again, it says design one page.

    Overall it’s great for PPH, ok for buyers and bad for most sellers who will waste their time and therefore money. It might even put off decent sellers.

  • Tom B

    Actually, having looked at some of the contest winners so far this also really sucks for the buyer. The only winner is PPH though in the long term turning a once great site into a bargain basement filled with slave labour might not be considered a “win”

  • nase

    Please state clearly on the page that contest are NOT GUARANTEED! I’d never take part in one if I knew. In fact even thinking it was guaranteed I wasn’t sure if it’s worth it.

  • Nouman khan

    Contest is a good option for designer , it should be for log and other design option as well. Regarding rating system rating only allow by the buyer so it will be fair.

  • Bisnu Biswas

    I want send proposal but couldn’t it. please help me and solved the problem.

    • Kelly

      Hi Bisnu,

      Many thanks for your message. Have you tried contacting our customer support? Please try emailing us at Thanks so much!

  • Paul A

    Kate Blank said:

    ‘This appears to be a bunch of people doing the work upfront and then a seller choosing one “winner” – leaving most people unpaid for the work they did.’

    Absolutely right – a great way to get many people working for you for absolutely no charge at all. As for sellers voting on a design, it’s ideal for unscrupulous sellers ( PPH is awash with them ) to skew the voting any way they wish.

    PPH have had many bad ideas and this is yet again another instance of PPH failing to understand sellers. The only people who benefit from competitions are buyers and PPH. For sellers it’s the perfect opportunity to work for hours and hours for absolutely nothing.

  • a

    Bad Idea. Let’s say you value website design at $300 you get 100 designers spending their valuable time trying to win the business. Ultimately you have managed to generate $30,000’s worth of designers time and effort so that ONE designer can earn $300?

    I’ve always hated pitch work where the client asks as many designers as they like to submit ideas. The client should do some homework long before this stage and choose maybe 3 designers that he feels could produce the sort of work he’d like.

  • Muazzam Imtiaz

    well at first I thought it might be a good things for people focusing on quality of work however came across tens of people posting THEME screenshots as entries and massively getting rated!! Anyone can see its not a genuine work and PPH have written in the rules that it should not be a template. And I did waste my time to participate in one of them and when 7 days were over there was a long silence, No body awarded, No notification and that contest do not exist in CONTESTS list at all….. upon checking the direct URL i found the status as EXPIRED. Damn this wasn’t mentioned anywhere in this blog, was it?

  • I Kay

    How can the seller know the budget that the buyer wants to pay for the entire site?

  • Umar F. Mohammed

    As little as I have to say, the voting system is being controlled by we (the contestants) which is really bad and it’s been manipulated by contestants rating others work as poor so they can get a higher vote which is wrong, please do something to it, also I think the price shouldn’t be fixed rather it should have a minimum amount and not only the first should be awarded money, I heard other sites does it the other way round by paying the top 3 chosen by the buyer and giving the winner a 70% of the money while the other two shares the remains. I think it will be better to implement such to encourage new freelancers to work more.


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