An Update on Cert


Hi PPHers.

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a great break and enjoyed some down time.

As promised here’s an update on the development of CERT. We received a tremendous amount of feedback over the past three weeks. We have collated and read through all your comments, and we admit that we don’t always get it right. It was pointed out to us by the community that the algorithm contained flaws that needed addressing. As a result we have made some changes to accommodate your common concerns, and we have rectified a few reported problems.

Our aspiration is for all our freelancers to provide a standard of excellence. We see that large amounts of the community are aiming towards the same goal working incredibly hard to build their profiles and earn positive feedback. On reflection we realise that for some Sellers this was not mirrored by their CERT score; we have since adjusted the criteria to qualify for the higher CERT levels, making them more attainable.

With these changes currently being rolled out, you may experience a change to your CERT score in the coming weeks.

As always we would greatly appreciate your feedback on these changes and how this affects your performance going forward.



  • Simon

    Any chance of telling us what the changes are? Are we still being penalised for not responding instantly to unsolicited messages we receive?

  • linda

    Well it sounds good… the proof is in the pudding as they say….. will reserve judgement until I see my final cert … however well done PPH for admitting it was a little flawed

  • ABLancer

    Will there ever be a way to moderate or approve buyers before they can purchase your hourly? I have had some issues with non-english speaking buyer making the purchase and then having difficulties.

    If sellers could review buyers and approve them before accepting the deposit that would prevent problems like this occuring. Or can we do this already and I have missed something?

    Many Thanks, love this site.

  • Michael

    Good to see I guess. I hope the changes are still happening, as I see people with far lower ratings than myself but higher CERTs, with the majority of them having completed less jobs too.

  • Zeina Barker

    Thank you PPH – I personally think the CERT is a good way of engaging us users more on your site. I have been a member since 2009, actively using PPH and had some very good clients as repeat business (through PPH) for a period of 2 years each. I have some feedback, over the last year, since the launch of the hourly, I found it challenging to find the calibre of clients I had previously, hence my activity on PPH dropped, and had to look elsewhere – I would certainly agree with your CERT for us as freelancers, but also recommend you raise the bar of quality on the buyers too… you need to have the balance for both. And let there be competition on winning good jobs from good quality clients – please get in touch if you need more details, I am more than happy to help – best wishes, Zeina Barker

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