An Update from Xenios: PPH 3.0


Dear PPHers

Almost two years to the day we launched PPH 2.0 with the introduction of Hourlies and numerous other features explained in this post. It seems just yesterday, yet so much has happened since. Our community is now twice the size and monthly Seller earnings are 3x larger today than they were back then.

Today, I’m happy to announce the launch of our 3rd iteration – PPH 3.0. With this we bring to you a brand new fresh look, slicker UI, a more exclusive marketplace with stricter curation to control quality, video bidding, video portfolio uploads, better job matching through deeper data science, and the launch of SuperTasker – a new tool that makes the delivery of standardized tasks faster and slicker.

Our mission remains underpinned by the same macro vision, but has become bolder over time. Every day we are empowered by the notion that one day, getting a ‘job done’, however niche or specialized, will be as widespread and seamless as purchasing an item on Amazon or eBay. The freelance economy is growing at a phenomenal rate with an estimated over $1Bn of work done online today expected to grow five-fold before the turn of the decade. Still this is a mere 0.2% of total freelancer earnings offline, where an estimated 1 in 3 people in the UK and the US now do some form of fractional working. In other words, we are still on Day 1!

In order to make that dream reality we are constantly working to remove friction between Buyer & Seller, make on-boarding easier but more selective so that only people who are serious about freelancing get to stay in (the rest can happily go to our competitors! :), and go deeper into defining and standardizing service delivery so that a wider cadence of Buyers can understand with absolute clarity what they will get, for how much, and by when.

In the case of SuperTasker we design that into the experience and opt for standardization at the expense of flexibility. In the case of PPH we go the other way: investing in building more functionality and tools that will allow our Sellers to promote and deliver their services better. Payments is a big part of that and we’ve doubled down this year offering many more payment options across the world and introducing faster and cheaper international payments for our international Sellers as explained in this post.

Whilst we are constantly adding new features and functionality, we feel this is a big milestone which changes the inner dynamics of the marketplace significantly. We are no long open for everyone. We consciously want to serve fewer people but serve them better. We don’t aspire to being the biggest, we aspire to being the best. And so we consciously take the view that those that don’t meet certain quality standards will not be allowed to stay in.

As always, we are open to your feedback and comments, and look forward to seeing the community embrace and succeed more with PPH 3.0!

Best regards

PS – We’ll be introducing new public PPH Profiles pages in the near future. Get an interactive preview HERE and leave your comments to help us make it better.


  • Geoff Jackson

    Yet another shambolic update that has broken many areas making an already broken system even more broken. No user/beta testing, no listening of feedback, a roll-out of poorer ux and many users are now complaining that they can’t even see/ask clarification questions or send messages (or other pretty essential tasks).


  • Angela Campbell

    Hi guys..

    I think this is all good. The new profile page layout, working on being the best, the payment system and not allowing/letting just any one in.

    I find, from my experience, there are people that join PPH, to quickly scam or rip people off. It’s not fair hence why I’m so happy that PPH are not letting anyone in.

    PPH is brilliant and you keep getting better.

    Angela Cambell

  • Milos

    First of all, it’s a nice design, but it hurts my eyes in Workstream, the font size is small and there’s 99% of white all around, the text is divided from the page only with a thin gray line. There was nothing wrong with that gray dotted pattern.
    Also, please make the website responsive, I’m currently using my old laptop with 1024×768 resolution and I have to scroll both ways to see everything, it get’s confusing. My Dashboard seems confused too, take a look:

    All in all, it’s great that you want to upgrade your looks but please do some testing before you do.

  • Rich

    A bit washed out for my liking to be honest. Completely void of any character.

    Also – have you seen how this looks on a mobile. Oh dear!

  • Andrea

    I have to say I am quite shocked..
    How it’s possible that a site where there are thousands of developer/designer, will end up having the classic whity, un-branded, not charming theme?
    it feels like you’ve used an all-purposes wordpress template..
    the content is not highlighted at all, and everything is lost into the whitiness of the page.
    and it’s not even responsive..

    I am not saying I would’ve done better, I am just telling you what I feel browsing the site.

    other than that, I’ve already found a few glitches which need to be sorted:
    – the textarea for the proposal doesn’t have a scroll bar.
    – there is no indication about the currency when you enter the proposal price.
    – the button to attach a file is covering the text when you write in the textarea and you have to blind-type.
    – if you hover the “?” next to “amount” in the proposal, the tooltip will often remain open and eventually disappear when hovering again and again.
    – I don’t know if it’s only me but the “ask question” button doesn’t work (I’ve switched off the ad-blocker but still doesn’t work).

    that’s all for now.

  • John Cooper (@JohnCooper_uk)

    Oh dear. Can you add back in the name of the message sender in the workstreams drop down please. Not everyone has a profile pic and without that I can’t see who each message excerpt is from. Adding confusion to where there was none before.

  • Seim

    The old look was so much better 🙁

  • Thomas Dunn

    Really disappointing. The UI is completely overwhelming, the ranking on the hourlies seems to have changed for no apparent reason and the design is all over the place.

    Why not roll this out in stages instead of making everyone jump in at the deep end with this?

  • Dmitriy Averyanov

    How about adding a few much needed features?

    Time tracker to keep track of the hours?

    Ability to review and accept terms after a proposal has been accepted?

  • Suzanne

    I too suffer screen blindness – all white and tiny pale fonts brings on a migraine 🙁 – (There is only so far the screen can be dimmed before its totally unreadable).

    I like the idea though, streamlining the process, being the best, looking after dedicated freelancers and buyers. Will that not make it tougher for newcomers? Perhaps they could have an intern corner where buyers could post jobs specifically for newcomers, who would spend a couple of months doing these jobs before full access. That way, pph can do a quality check on both sides.

  • Mark Henderson

    sorry to sound negative but background way too bright makes reading text very uncomfortable.

  • P Lyons

    When I first saw it, I thought there was something wrong, and the stylesheet was broken. It’s pretty bad as website design and usability is concerned. There’s no contrast to differentiate areas and functionality.

    Overall, 1/10

  • Paul Tatireta

    I have been with PPH for a while now and I find the site and amazing and refreshing place to be each day. From Day 1 I’ve had the smoothest freelance ride ever with not even a singly glitch. They know the ropes and I’m content just to work away and let them handle the tech parts, knowing they are up to the task for everyone’s benefit. I’m now in Cert 3 and aiming higher thanks to a truly fantastic team and site layout. Great job!

  • Tanvir

    Honestly I am confused with new interface. I am wondering why PPH make it complex. I hope PPH will give us a clean and clear interface.
    However, thanks for your new look. Maybe I’ll used to it.


  • manesh

    From black to white. I don’t see any improvement here, I would say it’s more a 2.5 than a 3.0

  • Dan

    It’s hilarious to me that a website rich with a community of extraordinary designers continues to present itself with such a poor website.

  • Ayaz Ahmed

    Dear PPH

    Change is always good. However, this new interface hurts me eyes like anything. The font size is way too small (I have perfect eyesight) and thin. When I zoom in too much, the content gets out of the screen on both sides. I wrote to your support for this feedback when you launched PPH 3.0 but nothing has been done on this as yet.

    Please do something about this soon. Other than this, I have been working with PPH for the past two years and it been an amazing experience so far.


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