5 quirky productivity tips you need to know


Plagued by procrastination? Bogged down with countless projects? Snowed under with clients? Be sure to check out this list of top productivity tips. Ditching the usual rigmarole of inbox hacks and trite motivational quotes, it ranges from milestone-busting canine compadres to thermostat tricks and H20-based liquid encouragement.

Talk to yourself


Everyone likes to be encouraged to get things done, but in the solitary life of a lonely freelancer, getting that much-needed pat on the back can be a tad trickier. Try replacing the enthusiastic co-worker with some wise words from the only other person in your workplace: yourself! Some people recommend chanting ‘next’ while you plough through the stacks of emails on a Monday morning, others opt for some uplifting mantras in the mirror a la Cool Runnings. You’ll look odd if anyone spots you for sure, but if it gets the productivity flowing…

Pour yourself a glass of water


glass water

Glass of water | © Susanne Nilsson/Flickr

Dehydration is the number one enemy of concentration. Not only does that rhyme rather nicely, but it also backs up a recent study from the knowledgeable folk over at the University of Connecticut, saying that even mild dehydration (that’s a reduction of just 1.5% of bodily water content) can cause lack of concentration, undue fatigue and touchiness. Unfortunately, the same doesn’t go for a mojito or gin and tonic – pretty sure that was your next question!

Turn the heating up


productivity tips

Cold | © bark/Flickr

Whether you’re a digital nomad flitting around the beaches of Southeast Asia, working in surfside shacks with a Javanese coffee at the ready, a dedicated nine-to-fiver, or a home freelancer with their very own office, it might just be time to think climate change. That’s not iceberg-melting, sea-level-raising climate change, but rather the microcosm of central heating sort of climate change. A recent study by Cornell University found that employees made nearly 50% more errors in their workflow when their working environment was too cold, while the stuffy, sultry effects of a too-warm workspace are obvious: tiredness; sweating; dehydration.

Work with your pet

Okay, so while sharing that desk space with a reclining feline or the underfoot square metre with a snoring dog might not seem like the best idea for boosting the productivity, there are plenty of folk who say that adding an animal to the workday is great for encouraging relaxation and creativity. Others note how your pet can help keep you off the old social media and focussed instead on the tasks at hand, commanding your attention in those short breaks better than refreshing the Facebook stream ever could!

Ask yourself what you want to do,
rather than what you need to do


If you find your workdays plagued by bouts of ad hoc procrastination, then it’s worth thinking about exactly why it is you can’t focus on the task at hand and get those milestones wrapped up. Procrastination in most commonly the result of a work schedule that’s not entertaining enough, which means to avoid avoiding work, you’ll need to refocus yourself on doing things you’re passionate about. Only then will your workflow…flow.

This post is a contribution from Joseph F.; he also writes for livekrakow.com. Want to contribute to PeoplePerHour blog? Get in touch via juste@peopleperhour.com!

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