3 Pillars of a Successful Website


It is paramount to have a strong website and online presence to ensure business success. Everyone researches people, businesses and reviews online before purchasing, interacting or working with companies. Thankfully there are now many systems available which allow you to create a website without design and coding knowledge.

The template designs can be utilised and manipulated to make your site unique with a little planning, marketing and research.  We are going to discuss the key areas to focus on to get you started.


It is vital to complete some research. First, investigate what your competitor’s offer; compare the functionality, categories, design and layout, content and branding. Then begin planning the site navigation with a map of the layout, so that the clients journey around the site is as smooth as possible, to make sure they purchase or contact you before leaving the site. Select a professional theme and make sure the design is responsive; over 50% of site traffic is now from mobile devices.

Security is another area to look into, adding a full Privacy and Cookie Policy is the law in many countries, so clients know what is happening with any data you collect about them. Investigate the rules specific to your location and what you want to offer.

One thing that will allow you to stand out from the crowd is your very own USP (unique selling point(s)). Questions to ask yourself are: What is your USPs? Are they clearly visible on your site for your customers to locate?

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The strength of the wording content on the site is pivotal to its success. Content really is king! It must be well written, well researched and include search engine optimisation and keywords relating to you, your business and your client base. Be sure to sign up for the Social Media platforms that best compliment your products and services. Build a strategy for content, timings and follower growth. There are a lot of articles online that can assist with this, whether you are a B2B or B2C or both. Use different formats of multimedia i.e. videos, images and slideshows to increase engagement.

Measuring / Research

To ascertain the success of the site, specific pages and the overall performance, regular analysis needs to be done. Google Analytics is the most popular tool and allows you to investigate how long customers stay on specific areas of your site. Which areas they most or least engage with and what pages need improvement. Also, look at your conversion rate: 0.5%-2% is most common, x 3 times this can be achieved with all of the above, define your Return on Investment for each piece of work; for all interactions and any outsourced work.

In conclusion, the overall aim is to build a site that reflects you, your brand and services. A site that immediately shows you are a trusted business, this can be achieved with testimonials and reviews and such like.

An important tip: treat every page like a landing page, all are important for conversion!! For shopping websites, be sure to browse the store as you would a bricks and mortar store, so the customer journey is as smooth as possible and they are only ever 2 or 3 clicks away from purchase.

About the Author:

Emma is an innovative, analytical and astute individual. She is very driven and committed with proven project management and problem solving skills. Expertise: Digital Marketing, Brand Awareness; Retail Multi-Channel; Merchandising; Website Development; Strategic Planning, Customer Retention & new site implementation. Emma thrives in busy environments, learns quickly and always strives to achieve the very highest standards in all she does, using her well-developed communication, leadership and negotiation skills. Emma is passionate about the ever-changing digital world, consumer shopping habits and helping businesses achieve the best online identity to show the unique personality of the company and instil confidence and trust to encourage recommendations and ever-increasing business growth. She is intuitive, mindful and a Holistic Practitioner in her spare time.

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