10 Practical Tips on Boosting your CERT Score


In a previous post we introduced you to CERT, our new improved ranking method focusing on Community, Engagement, Repeat Usage and Trust. This enhances the quality score of your Hourlies and freelancer profiles as the higher your CERT score the higher up you rank and the more work you win. We plan on launching an exciting new feature to offer more personalised tips for each seller based on their individual activity and success rate.

In the meantime our founder Xenios has outlined ’10 Practical Tips on Boosting your CERT’ to help you get started and get ahead:

1) Complete your profile.

A complete profile is the best first step. Link your profile to Facebook and LinkedIn to add extra validation of your authenticity.

In general, follow the tips below:

– Avoid logos, use a photo of yourself to personalise your profile.

– Add nice big imagery where relevant.

– Any hyperlinks or contact names in your profile will downgrade your CERT and may also lead to your profile being removed.

Create an Hourlie: this has a double benefit. It will enrich your profile and also give you more eyeballs from the Hourlies search page.

– Add a video to your Hourlies: A short video explaining to the world what you can do will take you a long way and win Buyers’ trust.

2) Get endorsed.

Invite those you’ve worked with in the past to write a review about you. A word of caution: fake endorsements will have an adverse effect.

3) Invite Buyers.

A quick way to boost your CERT score is to invite Buyers to come and work with you on PPH. Any Buyer you invite to PPH will be able to work with you for Zero Service Fee from PPH. We keep this entirely free so that you can bring your clients to PPH and start building up your earnings and feedback score.

4) Always play by the Rules of Engagement.

In other words, stay out of trouble  🙂

– Avoid refunds.

– Avoid disputes.

– Avoid falling out with the other party. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

– Always work with professionalism, integrity and courtesy. Always be polite and patient.

– Go above and beyond to maintain a good working relationship. Even when the other party is being difficult an exemplary service provider will find a way to resolve it.

5) Be responsive.

Speed of response is a key factor in CERT. Buyers who use PPH largely come here to find quality and reliable Sellers to get their Job done fast. If you are away on vacation or unable to meet demand, we have tools for you to pause or remove your Hourlies and amend your profile accordingly. If you are unable to respond fully or update the Buyer on progress, a quick note to explain and set expectations like “I will get back to you by xxx ” will take you a long way.

6) Always deliver on time.

Late delivery is penalised as that affects the accountability and quality of the marketplace. Set realistic expectations when you post an Hourlie or when communicating with the Buyer.

7) Get positive reviews.

The more you bill the more you go up the CERT ranks. As point 3) above states, if you are struggling to get work on PPH you can bring outside clients you work with to PPH and work with them on no service fee. This may push you to the next level. Above all delivering a great service will earn you positive reviews from Buyers and push you up fast.

8) Retain your customers.

Be savvy! After all, you are your own boss! When you complete a job ask the Buyer what else they need or if they want more of the same product. A retained Buyer will earn you a lot more points than a new Buyer.

9) Get turbo charged with a ‘no claims bonus’ 🙂

Insider TIP: If you have a record of no refunds, no disputes and no penalties you will be catapulted to the top.

10) Promote Yourself and Get more traffic to your profile or Hourlie.

Getting more views to your profile or Hourlie will push you up. If you have a blog or a personal website you can embed this widget and start getting more traffic. Share your Hourlies on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks and before you know it, the visitor traffic will start trickling through.

Best of luck implementing our tips and let us know any questions or thoughts in the comments section below!

Special thanks to Jan for the image! You can buy her Hourlies here.

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  • Sarah

    Yeah, this ‘no refunds’ thing just isn’t fair. I had to refund something because my laptop broke. That’s an ‘act of god’ and not something I should be penalised for. There are so, so, so many things out there that can cause the need for a refund – this need reworking and rethinking.

  • Sarah

    “Your average response time to clients that contact you has been very slow. Try to reply quickly to their messages as this will win you more Jobs and improve your CERT.”

    Heaven forfend that I put my leisure time before my PPH messages. Or, even worse apparently, that I be ill and don’t immediately rush to some website to mark myself as unavailable. This is another rather unrealistic facet that needs tweaking.

  • PeoplePerHourBlog

    Will you providing a full refund or partial refund?

  • Olam

    Hey, I’m on Cert 4 at the moment. I’m trying to reach Cert 5. But I’m not sure where I’m lacking. Can anyone help me to reach to Cert 5.

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  • YC

    To be honest, I’m not sure most clients really care about CERT or even notice it.
    Especially when CERT is partially obtained by doing actions such as inviting people to join the website, which has no value as far as the quality of my service is concerned from the client’s point of view.

    The sad reality is that most clients are after the lowest prices, which makes it very hard for honest, hard-working sellers with good quality work to survive. Or even to work with the same client twice, when a cheaper offer is always one clic away. And this is the real issue most of us are facing here.
    CERT level is just a distraction from the real problem.

    If you’re not earning enough money, I doubt it’s because of your CERT.

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  • Leon Pein

    I am almost at level 5 and have just been awarded 5*. Can I go to level 5 now please? 🙂 Thanks!!

  • Muhammad Saad

    Thanks for providing great information. Thanks

  • Mirza Subhan Ali Beg

    thank you so much, this will help me great in acheaving mu goals.

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