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No Professional Work Examples to Show? 5 Tips For Getting Hired Without Them

When considering awarding a project to a freelancer, a Buyer wants to know that a job is going to be done skillfully and to a high standard. Of course they do. The best way a Seller can demonstrate aptitude, is …

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How to use Social Media to grow your PeoplePerHour Work!

PPH is a community as much as it is a tool for winning work and like any community there’s certainly a social aspect.

PPH’s rise to prominence has to a degree been mirrored by the growth of social media and …

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: PeoplePerHour is splitting into two sites based on your gender!

Dear PPHers

As you know by now, we like our number crunching and analysis. One of the latest insights that’s come from our crystal ball is that the jobs that go astray and end up in dispute are almost exclusively …

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A BIG Sorry for Today

Hi PPHers,
On behalf of PPH and our whole engineering team, we would like to apologise for the outage we had earlier today.

Just to explain what happened, unfortunately a hardware failure was reported on our database hosted at amazon …

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From Design Freelancer to Business Owner!

You may be wondering if freelancing on PeoplePerHour can make you money. Of course it can. Let me show you exactly how by talking you through my own experiences.


I graduated in 2012 with a BA (Hons) Degree in …

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Get Your Small Business Kick Started On Social Media

  • Adapt Your Marketing Strategy

Implementing social media doesn’t mean letting go of your traditional marketing efforts, it simply means incorporating it as part of your overall strategy.

For example, if you currently run press or TV ads, think about how …

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How To Grow Your Freelance Business

In today’s world, being good at what you do is simply not enough to grow your freelance business. It’s a great start and will form the foundation of your future work, but you will also need to have a firm …

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7 Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs

Entrepreneurs have evolved into the modern day superheroes, constantly on the go, solving problems and creating jobs. With the same 24 hours as the rest of us, the question is, how do they get it all done?

We’ve figured that …

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6 Lessons from Top Selling Hourlies

PR Specialist Rebecca and Graphic Designer Mitchel are no strangers to PPH success. They’ve sold over 900 Hourlies between them and both held ‘Top Endorsed’ and ‘Top Seller of February 2014’ badges respectively. In between responding to clients and delivering …

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Should Freelancers Charge Clients for Meetings?

If you landed on this blog post hoping for an answer to the title, then unfortunately you’ve come to the wrong place. You see, it isn’t so much a question of whether you should charge a Buyer or not, the …

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