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Hourlie Page Redesign

hello everyone,

just wanted to let you know that we continue with the redesign of some pages making them mobile friendly at the same time. Today we updated Hourlie Details Page in case you haven’t noticed. Please let us know …

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Feast or Famine: Creating A Consistent Freelance Workflow

One of the biggest turn-offs of a freelance career is the irregularity that comes with the workflow. However, creating a consistent freelance workflow is achievable, if you are looking for a long-term freelance career. You just need to plan well. …

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10 Tips For Writing A Newsworthy Press Release

Hi PPHers,

Have you considered the impact a review in an industry publication or a feature in a national magazine can have on your business? If you’re keen to increase your brand awareness, then you need solid press releases as …

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Want To Build A Great Startup? You Need A Good Team First

There is no ‘I’ in team, and this couldn’t be truer when we are talking about startups. Startups are usually brought together by one or two visionary founders, but they need a strong back story when it comes to people …

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Rename of Express Jobs to Auto Assign

hello PPHers,

We have just made some changes on Express Jobs based on your feedback about some problems with refunds. Specifically we have changed the name of the feature to be “Auto Assign” instead of “Express” with aim to make …

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You can now bid on more Jobs

hi all,

today we have an announcement about a change we have done on PPH after receiving your feedback. It concerns new Sellers in qualifying period (first 3 months from registration). Now new Sellers curated for specific skills can send …

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5 Things Every Freelancer Should Know When Starting Out

  1. Going freelance doesn’t mean work gets easier. In fact, it gets harder.

Being your own boss sounds great, but don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s going to be easy. When you work for a company, you get to focus

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Recommended Proposals

Hello everyone,

My name is Christos and I am a Product Manager at PPH. It’s been a while since the last update from our CEO Xenios regarding our new product features and strategy. From now on we intend to make …

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SuperTasker Officially Launches with SKUs for Digital Work!

Hi PPHers,

As we’ve mentioned in a few blog posts over the past few months, we’ve been working on something new. Today, we’re happy to officially launch SuperTasker.

SuperTasker makes the delivery of tasks even faster and easier. Tasks …

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How To Grow Your Freelance Business

In today’s world, being good at what you do is simply not enough to grow your freelance business. It’s a great start and will form the foundation of your future work, but you will also need to have a firm …

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