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Take A Sneak Peek At Our Redesign

Hi PPHers,

Remember that facelift we told you about? We had lots of great feedback from the community (Thank You) and the time has almost come to reveal the final redesign as PPH 3.0 will be launching on Thursday 18th …

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Product Launches: How To Do Them Like Apple

So the iPhone 6 has just launched. Unless you have been living in a cave (with no Wi-Fi) you will have heard something about it.

Isn’t that just amazing? Imagine launching a product and having nearly everyone in the world …

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Eat Your Way To Productivity

Whatever type of work you do, it is vital to keep energy levels high. Over the years, I’ve worked out that eating different foods at different times of day really does make a difference – and I’m sure most freelancers …

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Cheaper International Payment Options

Hey PPHers,

We have some good news, we’re pleased to announce we have implemented cheaper international payment options for our PPH community.

When a Seller withdraws funds from their PPH Wallet, PPH pass on any fees incurred to process the …

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How to get insanely productive

Being an entrepreneur can be a challenge, to say the least. There is so much to do that it is very easy to get bogged down in details, and not get on with the important stuff. In this weeks post, …

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Famous Failures

I’ve seen this image milling around online for some time now, it’s an oldie but definitely still a goodie. As the community manager I am privy to seeing all your lovely comments as well as the debates that take place …

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How To Get Repeat Freelance Clients

The saying goes that it costs less to keep existing clients than it does to attract new ones. At PPH we fully agree and when we talk about cost, we are not just talking about money, we are talking about …

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When to outsource. What to outsource!

The vast majority of entrepreneurs think that they can do it all. There is nothing wrong with this. Entrepreneurs have this mind-set, they were born with it.

At some point though, reality creeps in. this is where the entrepreneur has …

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10 common startup mistakes to avoid

Just launched a start-up? Read this first

Getting a start-up off the ground can be incredibly tricky. You really only have one shot at it, and if you make too many mistakes, you can find yourself in a bit of …

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Introducing SuperTasker

Hello PPHers

For those who haven’t noticed already, we recently launched a new product called SuperTasker (previously DeskDonkie)

The purpose of SuperTasker is to allow for a much faster, slicker delivery of small, standardized Tasks, where posting a Job or …

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